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CLEOCotton house for cats


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  • Cat house
  • Made of soft padded cotton
  • Parallelepiped shape
  • Central access hole
  • Comes with fun applications: tail, ears and paws
  • Fun cat face on the side
  • Fully machine washable at 30° C
Great to play hide and seek with your cat! Cleo is a cat house that looks like a box, but has a hole inside so your kitty can jump right in. Your cat will feel protected and safe inside thanks to the comfortable inner padding, all the while ready to jump out when he hears a noise. Made of soft cotton, it comes with fun decorations: tail, ears and paws. The other side has a cat face peeking at you with its wonderful green eyes!

In addition to the Cleo model, Ferplast's Classic Cat Collection also has other products for comfort: the models are all very well finished and stand out for their feisty and lively look with black and white print with pretty cat faces.

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