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GAT 5628Collar with small bell for cats


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  • Cat collar
  • Snap closure with Cat Safe safety system (avoids the risk of getting caught)
  • Cheerful metal bell that will warn you of the proximity of your friend
  • Polyester, available in vibrant patterns and colours
  • Easy to adjust
  • It is not possible to choose the colour, the item will be shipped according to availability in stock

This small collar for cats is equipped with a cheerful little bell that will allow you to easily understand where your kitty is. Thanks to the snap closure, your cat can move freely. The Cat Safe safety system protects your animal from dangerous situations: the collar will open as soon as the pressure exerted is higher than normal.
Made of polyester, lively and cheerful polyester, it comes in assorted colours.
The item will be shipped according to availability in stock. It is therefore not possible to choose the colour.

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