TENDER 60 / Grau Ferplast
TENDER  Ferplast
TENDER  Ferplast
TENDER 75 / Grau Ferplast
TENDER 90 / Grau Ferplast
TENDER 105 / Grau Ferplast
TENDER 120 / Grau Ferplast


TENDERA mattress for dogs and cats made of soft eco-friendly fur. In various sizes.



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  • Mattress for cats and dogs
  • Made of eco-friendly fur, warm and soft
  • Perfect for the winter months and for animals that feel the cold
  • With extra padding around the edges
  • Fully machine washable at 30° C
  • Anti-slip bottom with handle
  • Available in one colour only
  • Different sizes: 60, 75, 90, 105, and 120
Tender is a cosy and roomy cushion for cats and dogs made of soft eco-friendly fur. Comfortable for your friend, it has extra padding around the edges for extra comfort. Our Tender beds are perfect for the winter season, to pamper your pet and keep him warm! Various sizes are available, from 60 to 120 cm in length; the smaller sizes are particularly suited to our feline friends. All models are machine-washable at 30° C. The base is non-slip and also has a useful handle.

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